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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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role this through and get all the way to 9:00 tomorrow morning, just one come by, it is possible at that point. we may fine more in the way of clouds, however or maybe not the with the system that may or may not be forming. i will show and view that on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast and we will talk more about that, todd. carol, thank you. new this morning one person is rush to the hospital, after being hit the by a car in southwest philadelphia. it happened at 55th and baltimore avenue at around 1:00 a.m. police are still on the scene investigating trying to determine if this was a hit and run accident n word on a person's injuries at this time. also new this morning police are investigating a homicide in north philadelphia it happened in the 2900 block of west oakdale street, just after 2:00 a.m. one person was taken to the hospital from the scene and died from their injuries. no word on the cause, of death. a mother is killed and her sonnies injured after being
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struck by a september bus in south philadelphia. it happened last night at 15th and washington avenue, while walt hunter has details from the scene. >> reporter: even veterans officers were shaken by the sight they encountered when they raced to the 1500 block have of washington avenue. a mother, run over by a september bus, her eight year-old son, still at her side. beneath wheels of the september bus police says a 29 year-old mother died as she was struck crossing washington avenue at 15th street with her eight year-old son at her side. >> she was running in front of the bus. she's running that way and you could see the the bus, you can see front of the bus strike her. >> reporter: when officers raced to the scene around 7:00 p.m. they found the little boy who suffered cuts, bruises and concussion when he fell to the ground still trying to help his mother. >> the officers did tell him when they arrived he was
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trying to render aid to his mother. he was sitting there with his mother when they got here. >> reporter: rushed from the scene to children's hospital to be treated the little boy new has his grandmother at his side police say. meanwhile video cameras aboard the the bus captured the entire tragic scene that video now being analyzed by accident investigators. preliminarily investigating believe this is nothing more than just a tragic accident. meanwhile beyond suffering for victim's families there is perfect or for the bus driver, behind the wheel, touring those horrifying moments. on washington avenue walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police say a speeding suv ran a stop sign and hit a sedan in east mt. airy, the crash killed a grandfather and injured his grandson. it happen at east gorgeus lane andardly street friday evening. victims were returning home from football practice. two men ran from the suv but were later taken in police
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custody. a health alert in new jersey, a preschool inner mercer county died from what could be possibly a respiratory illness. the the question is, of course, did he have have entero virus 68. there are cases of the dangerous virus in you will three states. mother of the classmate of the boy who died, talked exclusively to our natasha brown. she said that her son had the condition. >> it is really frightening. no parents want to hear that. >> reporter: gut wrenching news parents with small children are most frayed of getting these days. she says she was on the other end of the phone call on friday afternoon from the centers for disease control. >> they called, they told me are you sitting down i said yes, i am, is what up? they said well, your culture came back with the growth and it cam back positive for new entero virus. >> reporter: the entero virus has sickened children in 21 states, including new jersey. tab that is keeping her four
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year-old son kyle at bay. he is watching us from inside his home. kyle has been out of the school from yardville elementary for a past week after a slew of tests and stint in the hospital. >> he is in the getting better just yet. he is very weak. very winded. i'm scared, terrified. >> reporter: news comes on the heels of a death of another preschooler at yardville he will meantry school. the boy died from what health officials believe was an unidentified respiratory illness. the the cdc is reportedly sped tighting test to determine if the enter o virus toys blame. >> we are very concerned. >> reporter: joost he have wright has three children at yardville he will meantry and is deeply concern. is what most unsettling is what he described as a vague letter from hamilton township officials, sent to parent, describing the victims of respiratory infections and how to prevent them. >> principal called today, a very rage phone call that a boy passed away which is first thing, the first that we have heard of anybody being sick.
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>> reporter: for now kyle remains weak and winded while his mother can only watch, wait, and hope, for a full recovery. >> we're just going to kind of wait it out and take on his treatments, his medication and it will pass. >> reporter: we have reached out to school officials but still no comment just yet. meantime we do understand that the preschool classroom is being sanitized just as a precaution. she also tells us that she has informed school officials of her son's diagnosis. in hamilton township, new jersey, natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it has been two weeks and authorities say accused cop killer eric frein is still on the loose this morning. the authorities say frein researched ways to survive a policeman hunt and planning the attack for years. he is accused of shooting two pennsylvania state troopers and killing one. investigators say they searched a computer hard drive that frein used. >> the search of his computer hard drive indicates extensive internet research on topics
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such as how to avoid policeman hunts, use of various law enforce . technology and skills related to survival. >> police searched and then cleared at bandon inn at buck hill falls where they believe frein may have been hiding. he has been on the run for two weeks in the rug he had terrain near his parent house. thousands of cyclist where to pedal their way from south jersey to the shore. it is all part of the this years city to shore bike ride to raise money to battle multiple sclerosis. it is happening right now and our steve paterson is live at the starting point in cherry hill, steve, good morning again. good morning. live from cherry hill, if you have been watching things look different just about an hour ago look at all of the riders getting ready. they are about to get started in just about 20 minutes, 30 minutes now. right new we have very special
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guests with us. we have one of the team captains and the president of the local chapter, tammy caesar we will start with you. just talk about how important this event is for people with ms and in the society every year. >> this bike tourist a absolutely essential to our success. we will raise over six million-dollar and that is more than half of our annual revenue. >> reporter: wow. >> a good pro position of that goes straight to research which is why we're here but what we're looking for here is trying to fun programs and services for people live right here in our community. >> reporter: so overtime i would imagine this has been going on for quite sometime. 1981 was the start. >> yes. >> reporter: how much has this raised over that many years. >> the last total i saw was over 55 million-dollar, yes. >> reporter: wow. this is a big deal, no about doubt bit. wilson you are team captain for university of pennsylvania team. what does this bike ride mean to you, do you have anybody personally affect.
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>> yes, i have a friend of the team. no one personally. but many people as i have become involved with the team over the years. >> reporter: how long have you been riding, dan. >> my tenth year. >> reporter: this is something special do you every year. what about this event is so special for you. >> reporter: well, it is a great opportunity for penn medicine to give back to the community. >> reporter: so what kind of preparation does this ride take. i imagine this is quite a distance for you? >> the ride is in the the so bad but for preparing a team is likeerd ing cats report report how biggies the team. >> 300. we have 300 this year. we will break 200 you this dollars in money raised. we are proud and happy for our team. >> reporter: that is what it is all about raising money for this great cause. >> very important. >> funding for ms society is extremely important, they will continue their mission report report dan, good luck. tammy, thanks very much. great event. the riders are about to take off, in just a little bit. we will give you one more
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update before they do we will be at the finish line for our next hit, at just about 6:30. we will see you then. right now we are live from cherry hill, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you, todd. flights come to a halt across the country, coming up next we are learning more about what happened inside an air traffic control center that kept airline passengers grounded for hours. >> reporter: facebook or twitter feel too public for your family's communications down load a more private social network. i'm kara suboy with recommendations in the the tech minute. and george clooney is saying good bye to his bachelor life, coming up next where the hollywood celebrity and his soon to be bride were spot add head of their italian wedding.
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a 15 year-old will be charged as an adult in connection with the murder of a teenage girl outside einstein medical center. quadir gibson is facing charges in the death of a girl. gibson is star running back for father judge high school. thinks second arrest in this case. police alleged that gibson brought the suspect shooter darren person to the scene and direct him to open fire. only "eyewitness news" cameras were there when person turn himself into police on tuesday. jesse leroy matthew, junior has returned to virginia from texas. he is facing charges in the disappearance of the university of virginia student
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hanna graham. the 18 year-old was last seen with matthew on surveillance video at a restaurant september 13th. police in charlottesville are now expanding the search for graham, into rural areas outside of town. we're learning more about the suspect accused offsetting fire to an air traffic control facility outside of chicago. investigators say it was part of the failed suicide attempt. cbs news correspondent omar villafranca reports the incident caused mass flight cancellations and delays nationwide. >> reporter: air traffic at chicago's o'hare and midway airports came to a grinding halt friday morning after a fire at a nearby air traffic control center. authorities have charged 36 year-old contract employee brian hour with the felony count of destruction of aircraft facilities. >> i believe the injured man set the fire and used some type of a accelerant. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint howard entered the the facility with the black roller board
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suitcase and a half an hour later posted a private facebook message that read take a hard lah in the mirror, i have and this is why i'm about to take out zau an my life. zau are call letters for faa facility. first responders followed a trail of blood and found howard slicing his own throat. >> there was some degree of effort to drag him out of the building but he was conscious. >> reporter: fire forced nearly 1800 flight cancellations into and out of chicago alone. others were delayed, causing backups at airports across the country. >> we were going to fly to indy tomorrow and rent a car and drive to chicago. >> we are looking for a hotel in boston and we have not been able to find one just yet. >> reporter: howard remains hospitalized for his injuries. if convicted, he faces a sentence as many as 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. in dallas, omar villafranca for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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this may be the first week even of fall but feels more like summer, carol, i'm loving it. >> it really does. we have the the most ideal summer-like conditions because humidity will be down. sun will be up. the temperatures will be in a comfortable range, lower 80's. it will be le today. it looks great. i have one city and i will show you another city. the city of philadelphia, absolutely fabulous. another city is atlantic city and it looks just great this morning as well as it is all lit up waiting for people to come on down. i think they will find their way to the the cher today because the temperatures will be great. in the middle 70's. the ocean is almost 07 degrees. low risk of rip current today, perfect day to head to the shore. we have storm scan three not the picking up any kind of problems at all, not even any clouds, and so there is not much to the scene out there this morning unless you go lancaster county and points west of that. that is where we are find something fog this morning. you can reduce visibility.
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heading out in that direction first thing this morning, know that you may encounter some of that the farther west you go. 60 degrees in philadelphia we have 55 up in the trenton area. fifty-six down in wilmington. fifty-two in the poconos. it is a comfortable 59 degrees in wildwood, dover, do not leave delaware out. 55 degrees there. we have high pressure and the the high pressure is keeping things, low pressure for the people on the ground. because we don't have to really tiehl with much today, except some great weather and just trying to make the most of the day with temperatures in the lower 80's and sunshine and mowing that we're in fall and things are looking nice and we have a couple of days of this, the pressure is on maybe for us some get outside and really make the the most of it today. lots of sunshine tomorrow as well with these temperatures in the the lower 80's, both of the days, future weather, it is just sunshine, it is not, clear skies, and then tomorrow we will be finding more sunshine, by the time we get through monday though we will pick up some clouds. this is late sunday night just
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at midnight, early monday morning and then monday during the the day as you can see this computer model does want to bring some clouds in and then as we go into time there are huge model differences in what may or may not be coming next which could be anything from another coastal storm to just maybe some breeze and normal temperatures. so, watch for this. this is on the tuesday, maybe not as early as tuesday morning but still i think the timing and placement will change. everything will probably change. it bears watching just because if you are pouring cement, cutting hey, whatever it is thaw you are doing out there you will want to know whether it is raining or not. this might be a player in our forecast, on that tuesday, wednesday, maybe early timetable or it may not be at all. owe still bears watching. eighty-two in philadelphia. poconos 75. shore 75. how about heading out to the
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van steuben a parade that starts at frankford and welsh in the northeast. great day. they need people out there cheering van steuben trained washington's troops in valley forge. we need to get out there and support that history. there is a nice little october fest afterwards. the hungarian german club in trevose. lots of fun things. lots of people having a lot of activities trying to support as many as they can. 82 degrees is our temperature this afternoon. tonight we will get down to 59 degrees. pretty easy forecast in the short term. in the 80's and then 78 on monday. the tuesday, wednesday, thursday are we looking at showers or are we not? we will wait and see. by friday it should be dry again 72. todd? george kline i will wed his fee april say amal alamuddin in venice. many arrived yesterday. guests will travel to a luxury hotel. couple plans to say i do at the the seven star, aman canal
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grand hotel in venice. the star studded receptionist being paid for by amal's parents. amal and george will tie the the knot in the civil ceremony on monday at venice city hall. it is a girl for chelsea clinton and husband mark mezvinsky. the couple made at nuns. on social media late last night. chelsea tweeted mark and i are full of love awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, charlotte clinton mezvinsky. he is the the son of the former pennsylvania congress woman margaret margolis mezvinsky and former congressman edward mezvinsky. well, with the start of the new year comes busier schedules, sports practices, play dates and car pool coordination. and you can keep your family connect and organize with new apps on the market designed to work more like a interest mate social media experience. c kara suboy, reports on her recommendations in,
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this tech minute. >> reporter: communications by all down loading music one app to check in, make plans and share locations. cabin the free web site and app for i phones and androids that aims to keep it in the family. once a group or cabin is created users can send messages to everyone or individuals. and also the services let you create share task and shopping lists, send photos and view real time map locations. another auction is life 360 a free app for both phones. it lets user create multiple circles a one for close family and caretakers and another for particular event and friend. send messages back and forth, share locations and follow ones path real time on a map. >> finally family wall another free app that works in the similar way a digsal stand up features including a family calendar and create photo albums to share outside of your private network n san francisco i'm kara suboy for
6:21 am for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead a key part of ellis island prepares to reopen to the public. ellis island is men for immigrant legacy but one part of the history that is not wide
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feel the hamptonality well, for decades a key part of ellis island has been off limits to the public. a place where one in ten
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immigrants were sent for medical care. cbs correspondent marley hall took a tur of the crumbling hospital complex ahead of the opening for the first time in 60 years. >> reporter: this part of the ellis island story is often left untold, until right now. the l is island immigrant happies where the sick were taken, after the long, often very difficult voyage to america. >> contagious diseases were treated here but also, small injuries may have been treated. someone may have gotten hurt while in transit. >> reporter: when the ship stopped delivering immigrant in ellis island in the 1950's the hospital complex was left to wit era way. now, visitors will have to wear protective head gear to get a glimpse inside erie empty building collapse that welcomed the sick to america, more than a century ago. about 12 million immigrants came through ellis island between 1892 and 1954 and more than a million of them were sent to this hospital complex,
6:25 am
before being allowed to enter the country. >> she was so brave. seriously they might have left behind but it was walking in tie big unknown. >> reporter: historian beyond says his grand parents were among the the masses that arrived here this country wouldn't have been the same without these people, not enclose. >> reporter: while the statue of liberty and ellis island museum have seen millions of wrist tors for the first time in generations, the public will now be able to experience this forgotten place. in new york, marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news" this saturday morning, hope for hanna how the phillies are rallying to the side have the local girl battling a deadly disease. plus some generic prescription drug prices are sky rocketing. it is happening to all kind of medications and you could ab expected even if you have insurance. how can you avoid paying more when "eyewitness news"
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we are live, in cherry hill, take a look at this, thousands of cyclists getting ready to take off, a ride for ms, city to shore, it kicks off in just a few minutes. we will give you a preview. and a sex tape scandal at
6:29 am
a local university, two students are now in trouble for what was posted on the the internet. monarchs on the move thousands of butterflies are traveling down the the coast right now, i'm cleve bryan coming up we will tell but important work to try to machine for this very vulnerable species. today it is saturday september 27th, good morning, everyone. i'm todd quinones. it might be first weekend of fall but it will feel like summer. here's meteorologist carol erickson with eyewitness weather. >> i think you may be out on the golf course again shall. >> sound perfect. >> do it again tomorrow. we have a perfect weekend for anything we like to do outside and take your pets outside. they like to get outside and enjoy themselves too. this weather is ideal. after thursday, maybe we're owed. we had one bad day last week weather-wise. we don't have a i bad one coming up though today or tomorrow. center city starting to brighten up, the the skies are blue, we have a shore and it is brightening up too and it is just beautiful in atlantic city. we're heading out the to
6:30 am
reading and brightening up there too. 52 degrees. no fog there. but as we go west, southwest, lancaster county and points west of that, we have fog this morning. storm scan three is not picking up anything. we have no precipitation. we do not expect any. it will be a try, lovely day. sixty at the airport in philadelphia. fifty-five in trenton. fifty-six in wilmington. fifty-three down in millville. we have 51 in reading and at that location and 55 town in dover. so anywhere you go, just enjoy it. 66 degrees by 9:00 a.m. wye noon time the sunnies ruling the sky, as it will have been for the last couple hours before that at 75. 3:00 p.m. 82 degrees. we are saying hello to summer. we will say a licensing hello. slow good bye to summer eventually will to have happen but it is not happening this weekend. so enjoy this weather. we have some changes coming up on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast and we will talk about that coming up, todd. the first wave of cyclist in the city to shore bike ride
6:31 am
are just hitting the road now and raising machine toy battle multiple sclerosis. iteling happening right now and steve paterson is live in cherry hill, steve. >> reporter: yes, they are just starting to take off, i want to show you this, take a look over here, you can see the the first batch of riders now. what you are looking at are the extremely fast riders, once that go over 17 miles an hour. i don't know how in the world they do that. also the century riders will ride a hundred miles. they are going to start things off and then you will see a big, big, big collection of riders, about a 7,000 expect to ride in this event, all for a world free of ms. it is called bike ms, city to shore. national ms society is directly involved in this. 7,000 cyclist riding from this patco center all the way to ocean city, new jersey for a celebration. there will be 1200 volunteers, that will pick up, making sure
6:32 am
everything runs smoothly. and then this 2014 event is scheduled to raise more than six million-dollar to support ms research this year. that is ground breaking. the this is great. about 14,000 people, local people, in the area have ms, and as the national society for health and that will directly benefit them. since 1981, this event has raised about 50 million-dollar and this year we will see that this will add on to that total and again these riders where to head to the starting line. you can see the large college of people really from all over the area from philadelphia, to new jersey, from every where, just really getting ready to raise money and to help fight in the local battle for ms. it is a national struggle, and thinks a big event for it. so as we see, riders starting to take off, we will have much more throughout the the day as we keep you updated on the status of these foulke. for now we're in cherry hill,
6:33 am
i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 eyewitness news. back to you, todd. steve, thank you. phillies fans rallied around a bucks county girl hoist battling a deadly disease. we first introduced to you little hanna earlier this week. team and the fans showed their support for the two-year old in a are special way at last nightes game. diana rocco was there to see it. >> we got her here. >> first phillies hat. >> reporter: twenty month-old hanna has her first autographed phillies hat and a poster signed by codey ashe and carlos ruiz all thanks to a total stranger who wanted to do something special for perfect family anonymously and he is not the only one. >> the words, the presents, you know, i come home from work with a different present on my porch every day. >> we don't smile every day. we try. it is hard. going down there and getting autographs for hanna it was amazing. >> reporter: when hanna was five months old she was diagnosed with crab a a rare
6:34 am
genetic disease. vicky's mommies lobbying harrisburg to protect infants from crab a as part of their heel prick as part of early treatments. she started facebook page hope for hanna a year ago which now has more than 62,000 followers. >> they pray, and they don't give up hope. >> our daughter is a hero because she will safe lives. >> reporter: it was one of those followers that reached out to the fill business hanna's story. while hanna could not make it her parents were treated to the tour of the stadium and meet and greet with the players. hepp for hanna has taken off on social media. in fact, many were wearing navy at the stadium on friday to show their support. hanna's mom says with every navy shirt and like on facebook they are one step closer to seeing hanna's law passed. outside citizens bank park i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile the eagles are sending well wishes to the daughter of the camden native and bengals football player devon still.
6:35 am
four year-old lee had surgery at children's hospital to re move a cancerous tumor from her abdomen on thursday. a video of still's pep talk to his daughter went viral, and still says has tonight that the surgeons were able to remove all of the tumor. and here's a picture of the gift basket that the eagles sent lee yesterday, still posted a picture of it on instagram and wrote thanks to chip kelly and eagles foreign ising the the surprise gifts, and flowers, to my daughter. incredible rescue at a fiery scene in kensington. jacqueline lopez was pumping gas thursday night when another vehicle ran into her car and the pump igniting this fire. lopez's three-year old daughter was in the back seat when the flames erupted, a passenger in the other car quickly jumped into action and pulled the child to safety. would the man suffered severe burns. a sex tape scandal is rocking rowan university this morning. the university in glassboro gloucester county says a female student was playing,
6:36 am
strip beer pong the at tau epsilon frat house. school says she and one of the fraternity members decided to have sex. another member of the fraternity allegedly recorded it on his phone and then posted it on line. the video has been pulled down and two frat members had a disciplinary hearing today. >> since they are all adults, the the female student had the right to file a complaint and she decided not to. >> two suspended two frat brothers. the national chapter of the fraternity suspended the school chapter pending the the result of the university's investigation. police have released a 911 calls from the first ever reported deadly bear attack in new jersey.
6:37 am
22-year old rutgers student, was mauled dead by a 300-pound black bear while hiking were four friends last sunday in west milford passaic county. police shot and kill the animal. they believed that bear was looking for food. the some in cape may are studying migration of the monarch budder fly and they are worried because population of monarchs has been on a downward trend. as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan shows us tagging butterflies is helping get a handle on the problem. >> reporter: fluttering light as a breeze but their bright colored wings monarch butterflies are migrating south on a 2,000-mile journey to the mountains of mexico. >> unaudible. >> reporter: for 25th year, the monarch monitoring project in cape may is collecting and tagging the butterflies. >> that helps us with your resuch of how they will get to mexico and how fast they are getting there, and how many
6:38 am
miles they can travel. >> reporter: last year monitoring project counted lowest number of monarchs in decades. unfortunately that is in line with the dangerous trend throughout north america. >> the estimated to be a 90 percent tea kline in monarch's populations. >> reporter: researcher blame the decline on the destruction of the monarchs favorite food source the milk weed. >> it has been eradicated from areas that previously were the marginal areas of farming. >> reporter: to preserve them new jersey lawmakers considering several bills tone courage the growth of new habitats. monarchs are important for pollenating and in areas like cape may they are a popular attraction for nature lovers and eco tourism a lot of people show up mountain fall to see monarchs. they have heard about them. they come to the the shore to look at the groups of migrate be monarchs. >> reporter: in addition, several environment will groups are petitioning the federal government to give monarch butterfly endangered
6:39 am
species protection. i'm cleve bryan in cape may and this little guy is on his way to mexico. radar guns can only detect your speed? coming up new technology that can also track who is texting, plus, generic prescription drugs are supposed to save you money so why are prices of these pills sky rocketing even if you have insurance? stephanie stahl with how you can avoid paying more. also ahead, welcoming back an american hero, we will take you to the local home coming celebration, and, summer -like weather today. carol returns with your forecast, coming up next.
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on the healthwatch, the sky rocketing cost of generic prescription drugs. many generic medications are supposed to save you money, so why are the the costs going up? how can you avoid paying more? here's three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl. >> i have rheumatoid arthritis so it takes some of those. >> reporter: ron takes 16 medications every day for a number of health issues. gwenn lives in germantown also takes several drugs, following a recent operation. >> i take six pills. >> reporter: they depend on generic prescription drugs because they are usually cheaper than brand name drugs but now prices of dozens of generics are sky being. >> we have always been used to three or 4 percent increases
6:43 am
every year but new you we're talking about a thousand percent increase, 5,000 percent increases and it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: mel broad sky the executive director of the community pharmacies says it is happening to all kind of generics. for example antibiotic erythromycin has gone from $70 for 100 pills to $713. nearly ten times more. and this drug taken by millions with heart disease has jumped from $76.80 for 100 pills to $288. >> that is increased in price 350 percent over the last six months. >> i think most of us are shock. pill that has been around for decades would have an increase in the price, and it is unclear why. >> reporter: it is made by several manufacturers, including the len lennet company. they are a major supplier of generic drugs with soaring revenues. it web site says net sales were 151 million-dollar, for
6:44 am
fiscal 2013. and 193 million for the the first nine months of fiscal 204. lennet declined to comment when we asked why the prices of gone up so much? sometimes hike in the price of generic drugs is blame on problems getting raw materials, or the the cost of complying with f.d.a. regulations, but manufacturers don't have to justify increases to anyone, because there are are regulations controlling price of drugs. experts predict people with private insurance could be facing higher co pays, and perhaps even higher premiums many on medicare may have to pay more out of pocket when they reach a certain dollar limit. >> it is wrong. it is wrong. >> reporter: gwenn says she may be forced to buy less food to pay for her drugs. >> we don't have that kind of money, to buy this kind of medicine. >> reporter: ron says he may just to have take less medications. >> if i take three doses a day
6:45 am
i will cut down to two or one. >> reporter: if you are having trouble paying for drugs let them necessity. there may be a less expensive alternative a railable that will work just as well. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning, saturday anthony mason and vanita nair join us live from new york with the preview. good morning. >> good morning, todd. coming up, it is back to britain for nfl this weekend. we will show you how recent scandals are playing with the sports new fans. plus the next dimension in the movie experience, seeing, feeling, even smelling the film. we will get a sense of the new 4-d theaters. he is one of the most celebrated music photographers around we will talk to danny clinch and explore his rock and rel role world. >> a you will that plus eye opener, dish and music in your saturday session just ahead on cbs this morning, saturday. >> thank you guys. looking forward to it. police used radar guns to track speeders but they may have a new kind of technology
6:46 am
to help weed out drivers, who are texting behind the wheel. and an act that is illegal in 44 states. it is called the sniffer two. developed by virginia based company, come sonics. this texting gun can help officers identified offenders. >> they point this basically texting gun at a passing car, and by looking at the different frequencies that are being given off by cell phones they can see that cell phonies being yad to send a text message. >> and the cost for one of those texting guns is about $2,000. does your bathroom need some tlc? well, if you are going to do any home remodeling the bathroom is a good place to start because you will a he get a good return on your investment. in this weeks angie's list report jim donovan looks at one of the latest trend in bathroom renovations. report dan says many of his customers are choose to go ditch bulky
6:47 am
cubs in flavor of more luxurious showers. >> the batting generation has gone by the way side. we're pretty much shower generation any more. so rather than have the bathtub thaw have lived your leg other in a confine space if you put in a large shower it is more of the spa type shower report. >> is there so many choices, and they potentially take up less space than garden cubs that have been historically at home. if you are a home own their plans to age in place and wants grow old in your home a shower can be a more safe alternative for you. >> reporter: when it comes to walk in showers design options are even less. they could be customize todd fit just about any size, shape or lifestyle. you can add shelves, seats, grab bars and more. >> and then it is a matter on have what to put on the wall whether it be tile, trim tile or go to the solid wall systems report report converting a 5-foot tub into a shower typically starts around $4,500 but prices vary
6:48 am
depending on the materials and options you choose. while nearly every tub can be coverted to a shower, it is not always the best idea. >> replacing a tub for a shower is not for everyone. if you only have one bathroom you want to make sure you keep a cub because what will even up happening is you will hurt your resale families because families with kids they like tubs and with the one it could hurt you. >> with more advice for trade nothing your tub for a shower visit cbs's list. i'm jim ton van. fires burn in manayunk but it is all part of the celebration. twelve bonfires, all floated in manayunk canal near main street's canal view park last night. it was part of the autumn equinox fire and water festival. there was plenty to do including a drum and circle and live animals but it was the fires that dazzled onlookers, and they are rooted in history. >> at the the solstice and
6:49 am
equinox kind of a tribute to the native american culture that we are all impact by. >> last night's festival is run up to tomorrow's street food festival in manayunk featuring 45 different food trucks and family friendly activities, and tomorrow's event is free, to the public. and local celebrities take part in the second annual furs friday. they submitted photos of themselves with their pets whiz are all part of an exhibit, proceeds will get to the red paws emergency relief team. the non-profit organization, provides emergency transport shelter and vet the care to animals involved in residential fires and other disasters in south earn pennsylvania. food and wine take center stage on the atlantic city boardwalk this weekend. the boards will play host to the second annual, do ac boardwalk, wine promenade. those taking part will be able to enjoy more than 100
6:50 am
specialty wines spread among ten different tents. tickets for the boardwalk wine promenade are $65 today and $55 tomorrow. well, weather-wise, it will be a great weekend to walk the boardwalk, or to walk anywhere. >> it is, to put your wine in a, bag. >> sound lovely. >> sound lovely. >> look at this, todd, we've got just a great looking sunrise, just about happening right now, beautiful day, coming up. if you have have missed the sun, the only day we missed it was on thursday. we made up for it yesterday and we are continuing to have that streak. look at how pretty this last this morning in atlantic city. it last just as nice in every location as well. center city philadelphia brightening up beautifully. blue skies. we will be very short on cloud, today. i think a lot of people will be happy to know, it looks beautiful in margate too this morning. we have had wonderful conditions. 58 degrees. win north at 6 miles an hour. so there is not going to be
6:51 am
humidity today. it will be, well, is there always a little but it will be very, very little. storm scan three we have had in clouds. we have no precipitation and no weather problems, today or tomorrow. 60 degrees is our temperature right now in philadelphia 55 trenton. fifty-six in wilmington. it is 52 up in the poconos. fifty-seven down in wildwood, and then a nice tart to the day, and the middle of the day is terrific, the the even of the day is fabulous and high pressure in here, staying in here for the next couple of days in the lower 80's today, in the lower 80's tomorrow and we will be keeping this nice weather. by monday, things may change a little bit with a few extra clouds and may change even beyond that and i'll show you this with our future weather. as we go through right now we are looking at no problems whatsoever, and, we will go through sunday, just a gorgeous day, early on monday though we will start to see more in the way of clouds and then has we get into late monday night, more likely on tuesday f we were to say this. i'm under scoring, circling
6:52 am
and putting in bold the if. it is a system out to sea. maybe it stays out to sea. if it isn't and comes close enough to the coast we could be seeing windy rain, but it may go in another direction. but that would be on the tuesday, and wednesday, timetable, could leave by thursday. if we see it. again if we see it. all of this is subject to change. it is kind of keeping your eye to the sky and keep watching cbs-3 and we will let you know exactly what the latest thinking is on that system. eighty-two in philadelphia shore 75. poconos 75. this is a nice thinking going on here. first frost dates, i always wonder when is that again in well, here you go, we will fine them probably in the philadelphia area in early november. so anywhere between late october, early november, through this philadelphia area. little bit earlier then that as we go to the north and the west. we're not talking about frost this weekend not at 82. beautiful sunshine tonight,
6:53 am
59 degrees and in frost tonight either. tomorrow, another gorgeous one, 82 degrees. monday a few more clouds 78. tuesday, wednesday, thursday are we looking at a shower? are we not? again, the model do not agree so we will put ate big question mark for these days and friday whatever happens should be try again at 72, todd. army veteran from south jersey is waking up at home this morning, private first class dan lombard is back from the nine month deployment in afghanistan. the his camden county community along with several veterans organizations, turned out to welcome him home, it was a celebrate celebration, this solder says, he needed. >> it is an honor having veterans welcome me the the way they did. i just was not expect ago this any a million years. it was definitely home coming we needed. >> private first class lombard is a 2008 graduate of sterling high school in magnolia and volunteer first responder and fire fighter with magnolia's fire department.
6:54 am
welcome home. fire department. welcome home. we will be right b
6:55 am
6:56 am
weather-wise it will be a great weekend. it has been a great run of days and another great weekend. we're pretty lucky. >> we are lucky, todd. we came in at pitch black. now look at the window. >> wow. >> isn't that nice. >> the sun. >> it looks like an egg. we have a beautiful tart the two day in atlantic city and in the confined to atlantic city. lets head to philadelphia notice how beautiful it looks here as old inquirer are building silhouetted against the skies, a i great looking start the two day. here is our seven day forecast, 82 today and tomorrow for our first weekend of fall, it looks terrific. monday, mostly cloudy skies by afternoon, 78, and then that
6:57 am
tuesday and wednesday, timetable, are we looking at some rain and some winds, we'll whether or not that happens. it may not. and then by friday we have 72 and terrific again, fall, it is great around here. well, that is "eyewitness news" for now, we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line at cbs philly to the come. cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekend. >> bye-bye.
6:58 am
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
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it's september 27th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." the race to recover from an air traffic nightmare. how could one man's act of sabotage disrupt thousands of u.s. flights? plus, a volcanic eruption sends ash into the sky and leaves people running for their lives. seeing, feeling, even smelling the film. we'll give you a sense of the new 4d movie theaters. and he's one of the most celebrated photographers around. meet the man who has all access around the world. but we begin this morning